We have a 15-minute phone conversation.

I + I

This initial conversation gives us a basic understanding of who your team is, how you operate as a leader, and what results you seek for the team. We share what impacts Praxy can provide to your organization.

Bottom Line: Understanding if our team should be your team

discovery meeting

We meet with you to explore your team's needs.

I + I

What are the current challenges facing your organization? Which areas could you invest in to develop your team? What are the pain points and the areas of success? We take the time to listen to you, ultimately drawing out the right conversation necessary to move your team from good to exceptional. After getting a sense of your budget and needs, we share a tailored Praxy approach that aligns with your team and your desired outcomes.

Bottom Line: Beginning to identify the right conversation for your team; understanding the services that Praxy can provide to move your team forward


We provide a written outline of a schedule and quote for your team investment.

I + I

Through your preferred medium, we send you a proposal of our investment plan for your team. After your review, we apply and confirm any adjustments to the plan before moving on to approval. 

Bottom Line: Confirming what Praxy will provide so that you know what to expect


You give us the green light.

I + I

After final review, a contract is signed confirming dates, schedule, Praxy's process designed specifically for your team, and the financial investment.

Bottom Line: Getting excited because your team and Praxy are a great fit

lets go

We execute the tailored content and investment in the development of your team. 

I + I

Our team comes to your team. We execute the individualized Praxy process, focusing on the right conversation to develop the team. Coaching and training teaches team members about their unique abilities: how they impact personal job success and how they affect interactions between team members. Ultimately, we enable your team to work together more functionally on an individual and group level, equipping you with tools for a healthy, thriving team.

Bottom Line: Answering the pain points and equipping you with tools for your team to thrive

follow up

 We meet with you to ensure that the momentum of your team development will continue.

I + I

We check in to find out how the team is doing, ensure the results are sticking, and provide any additional advice to you, the leader, to keep things moving forward. We provide clear next steps for you to ensure that your team investment pays dividends into the future.

Bottom Line: Giving clarity about next steps and how to ensure lasting results