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More About Darren and Allison

Darren and Allison have completely different Strengths and together create a complimentary teaching team that appeals to all in the room!!  Both love to teach and share what decades of research have proven to be true in their own business and personal lives. 

Darren Kanwischer CliftonStrengths and Strengthsfinder coach


Darren Kanwischer used his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Calgary to successfully own and operate a business in downtown Calgary for over 25 years. Decades of hiring, managing and developing staff in a strengths-based workplace brings a wealth of experience Darren shares in the course along with some very interesting case studies used to assess learning. In 2015, Darren helped launch PRAXY, became a Gallup Certified Strengths coach and has taught about strengths-based businesses to hundreds of employees across a wide variety of sectors and now owns the company. His superstrength is relating deeply with those he trains and desiring to help everyone succeed in both work and life.


Allison Orthner graduated from University of Calgary with an Education degree and although she retired from teaching Jr. High school, she has never quit teaching! She has owned and operated a successful business that has allowed her to travel the world teaching her assorted passions. After personally experiencing the transforming power of a strengths-based life approach in 2004, Allison was an instant believer and incorporated it into all her training. In 2019 she joined PRAXY to help bring the same transformation to even more individuals and organizations. Her superstrength is to passionately empower others to be the best version of themselves.

Allison Orthner CliftonStrengths Educator on a beach
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