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PRAXY Programs

Over the years, PRAXY has learned that there are common struggles within every company we work with and have designed 3 main programs that dig deep to address the issues with a positive focus on strengths incorporating practical strategies to actually bring transformation to your team!! We have seen it time and time again and it is why we are confident that we can "Transform your team into SUPERSTARS!"

Praxy CliftonStrengths training with Darren Kanwischer


Strengths Training Program

"Transform your team into Superstars!"

Transform both your personal and work life through a focus on your unique strengths using Gallup’s signature CliftonStrengths assessment (formerly StrengthsFinder). Discover, embrace and apply the insights immediately as you learn about the power of strengths. This 24 hour program is designed for everyone within an organization including all staff, management, leaders, teams and board members.


Engagement and Wellbeing in the Workplace 

"Transform your workplace so everyone soars!"

You must not leave it to chance… Gallup’s research shows the strong connection between employee engagement, individual wellbeing and success of the organization. The Q12 tool and corresponding research is a practical and proven roadmap to create a healthy and thriving workplace culture and happy productive employees. This 24 hour program is designed for anyone who oversees, leads and manages others within an organization.

Praxy Strengthsfinder educator Allison Orthner with a team
Business meeting


Developing Strong Managers

"Transform your managers into superstars!"

Managers make or break an organization. Sadly the data shows companies fail to choose the best manager 82% of the time. Why? Dig deep into what makes a strong manager and uncover practical skills proven to help managers have a positive influence on their team. This 24 hour program is ideal for current managers, those who oversee others and anyone considering a management role.


Strengths EXPLORER and Strengths for STUDENTS

"Transform your school so students soar!"

Imagine if we empowered children in school to discover, love and grow their strengths! The data proves a strengths-based school leads to greater student engagement, higher levels of happiness and kindness and lower levels of depression. We can't afford not to do this for the younger generations. PRAXY programs deal with students ages 10-18.

School Bus & Children
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