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It all begins with STRENGTHS

The secret ingredient is understanding the greatest transformation will come from focussing on STRENGTHS not weaknesses.

"The greatest growth comes from focussing on our strengths."

All PRAXY training programs use an assortment of Gallup data, tools and resources from decades of research and proven to improve performance up to as much as 70%.


With strengths-based development at the core, PRAXY instructors then build upon this strong foundation to develop critical skills in both managers and their team members utilizing some of the world's top expert insight and advice.


Programs are interactive, practical and cover a wide assortment of topics relevant for a successful workplace. PRAXY instructor's enhance the training using their personal experience and education in business, management, leadership development, psychology, coaching and relationship building. 

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Training topics include:

  • discovering and growing your unique strengths

  • developing strong managers

  • proven factors towards employee engagement

  • embracing healthy conflict

  • case studies and common sticky situations

  • effective communication and conversations that matter

  • cultivating employee personal and career wellbeing 

  • strategies for managing expectations

  • identifying "red flags" that hinder performance

  • much more!


The power of personal coaching!

PRAXY also specializes in personal coaching to help individuals dig deep into the unique strengths and how to leverage them to improve productivity and enjoyment of life.


We find personal coaching to be one of the most powerful influences in bringing about long-lasting transformation both professionally and personally. It is worth the investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is GALLUP?

GALLUP is a global analytics and advice firm that helps leaders and organizations solve their most pressing problems.


Founded by George Gallup in 1935, the company became known for its public opinion polls and research conducted worldwide for decades and has proven themselves to be a key source of credible, accurate and impartial data on performance in the workplace.

What GALLUP tools do you use?

GALLUP's signature tool is the CliftonStrengths assessment (formerly known as Strengthsfinder) which quickly and accurately reveals individual strengths and talents. Once someone understands themselves deeply, they can begin to grow their innate talents into superstrengths to perform better in the workplace.

Other powerful tools include the Q12 for Engagement, the Sales and Manager's reports and Fundamentals of Wellbeing at Work. There is no shortage of current GALLUP research, data and tools being developed as the world workplace continues to change and shift. 

What other resources do you include?

Although GALLUP has an overwhelming amount of excellent resources, our PRAXY instructors also incorporate training from other experts in their fields like Simon Sinek, Brene Brown, Marcus Buchingham, Seth Godin, John C. Maxwell and many others to enhance the learning.


Our instructors also bring years of personal experience and education from owning and operating their own businesses and developing strong leaders and teams that are incorporated into the curriculum. 


Finally we strategically include relevant resources from movies, TV shows, social media etc. and facilitate correlated team activities to bring it all together in a fun way that makes learning not only practical, but enjoyable as well!

How quickly can we expect results?

This is the great news!!! Positive results can be seen almost immediately especially when team training is combined with individual coaching.


The other great news is that results endure and grow over time even through changes in positions and even careers. Our PRAXY programs are designed to have life-long impact as the learning and skills transfer to all areas of life both personal and professional.  

What form of training do you provide?

PRAXY and our instructors are based out of Calgary, Alberta, CANADA and can provide in-person or online "live" instruction or a combination of both! Don't hesitate to ask about travel to your location if outside of Calgary.

Transform your team into SUPERSTARS
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