It all begins with STRENGTHS.

The secret ingredient is understanding the greatest transformation will come from focussing on each person's unique STRENGTHS NOT weaknesses.

We use StrengthsFinder (CliftonStrengths Assessment), the world's most in-depth, accurate and powerful tool ever developed to truly discover an individual's unique strengths.

The PRAXY process.

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STEP 1 - Contact PRAXY for a complimentary 15 minute coaching session where we will discuss your needs, challenges and concerns and provide you with honest feedback on how we can help and allow you to ask any questions and gather information about our services.


STEP 2 - If you feel we are a good match, we will engage in further discussions regarding your specific pain points, team challenges and desired outcomes. We listen carefully to discern the uniqueness of your situation considering both your needs and your budget.


STEP 3 - We will finalize a proposal including a plan of action that complies with your desired outcomes and budget. After final review, a contract is signed confirming dates, schedule, PRAXY's process designed specifically for your team and the financial investment.


STEP 4 - Our team comes to your team. We execute the individualized Praxy process of coaching and training team members about their unique STRENGTHS: how they impact personal job success and affect interactions between team members. We guide your team to work together equipping you with tools for a healthy, thriving team. This is where the magic happens.


STEP 5 - We check in to find out how the team is doing, ensure the results are sticking, and provide any additional advice to you, the leader, to keep things moving forward. We provide clear next steps for you to ensure that your team investment pays dividends into the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until we see results? 

Transformation often comes immediately at the first meeting as individual's unique STRENGTHS are identified and team members begin to understand themselves and each other in a profoundly deep way. It is our favourite part to watch the light bulb moments and hear people say "That's why I am this way!" or "YES, that makes so much sense now that I know this about you." 

Once team members know and value their own personal TOP 5 STRENGTHS, they can better see themselves as true Superstars and each other as members of a Superstar team that can work together to achieve goals!

Why focus on STRENGTHS?

Focussing on STRENGTHS is counter cultural to how we've been raised. Think about it. We have been conditioned to focus on our WEAKNESSES and told to expend our energy trying to FIX those areas.

But decades of research has shown the greatest impact comes from identifying our innate STRENGTHS and by focussing on those areas, we will soar to new levels creating SUPERSTRENGTHS.

So how do you identify your innate STRENGTHS? It's surprisingly quick and easy!! The CliftonStrengths assessment takes only 30-45 minutes to complete and gives you your TOP 5 strengths that identify your unique abilities that will help you thrive in both your personal and business life. 

"The greatest growth comes from focussing on our strengths."

TOP 5 ways STRENGTHSFINDER is different from other tools like Enneagram, Myers Briggs, etc.

PRAXY supports anything that helps you discover your uniqueness and absolutely acknowledges the varied benefits of other tools, but no other assessment provides as deep, wide, accurate and truly unique customized results as STRENGTHSFINDER. Here is what the CLIFTON STRENGTHS ASSESSMENT brings you:

  1. STRENGTHSFINDER results are ONE in over 3 MILLION possible unique results. Not one in 4, 9 or 16.

  2. Your STRENGTHS profile is "descriptiive" of who you are, not "prescriptive" putting you into a box.

  3. STRENGTHSFINDER is statistically accurate 98.9% the first time you take it.

  4. It is a Psychometric test that measures instinct so results do not vary dependent on mood, environment, culture, age or experience.

  5. Gallup spent over 30 years developing STRENGTHSFINDER by interviewing over 2 million of the world's top leaders from over 100 varied companies in 63 countries searching out the most prevalent human strength patterns.

Transform your team into SUPERSTARS